Rockwall Anxiety and Depression Treatment

Approximately 37% of the American population tends to be anxious. And if you stay anxious long enough you will usually get depressed. Dr Quinn can help sort through your issues and symptoms to make a correct diagnosis. And with an accurate diagnosis Dr Quinn will initiate therapy and if appropriate recommend medication specifically indicated for your symptoms. Anxiety quite often is a lifelong problem for many people starting in childhood, teens or early adulthood. Dr Quinn will help you become more aware and gain understanding in how it has infiltrated your personality and impacted your relationships.

Depression and Mood Disorders

We can treat various depression and mood disorders including generalized anxiety, social anxiety, obsessive compulsive, post-traumatic, and bi-polar disorders, as well as mild, major, and psychotic depression.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

OCD is a very serious and disabling anxiety disorder. Dr Quinn cannot cure your OCD but he will help you learn to understand and manage it fairly effectively. Most patients greatly benefit from the correct medication and dose. Dr Quinn will help you and your family physician with the selection of the medication and dosage. Psychotherapy also greatly increases awareness and understanding of the fear, guilt and pain associated with OCD.

Stress and Anxiety Management

Some stress is actually beneficial, it can motivate us to get things done, it can enable us to succeed, it ensures our survival against possible threats. Stress is usually situational such as work, finances, marriage or family relationships. It can be short lived or long term. People that are often stressed are usually also anxious. Anxiety tends to be more of a "state" or even a "personality trait". Awareness, understanding and management of stress and anxiety is what Dr Quinn will help his patients accomplish.